Laurent Garnier – 5 hour set

What can I say, over 5 hours of Laurent Garnier to be streamed from Sound cloud. So big shout out to Laurent Garnier in releasing this pure smooth techno bliss, so check it out here

List of Books 1

I have created a goodreads account to keep track of book’s that I have read due to moving to digital and donating all my old dead tree books to charity. So pop over to my read shelf: see all books that I have read.

Installing LAMP on Debian 7.0 “Wheezy”

Handy reference when you need to install a LAMP stack on Debian. Note that the L(AMP) is for Linux and this is not covered as this is already set up. Before starting the installation, make sure your distribution is up to date. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade MYSQL the database sudo apt-get install mysql-server ...

Books read over the last twelve months

I have not listed any books since last July, so see below for books which one has read over the last twelve months. Bronze Summer (Northland) by Stephen Baxter Iron Winter (Northland) by Stephen baxter Graeme Swann: The Breaks are Off – My Autobiography The Long Earth by Stephen Baxter & Pratchett Terry Great North ...

MTB at night and in the snow

It’s another mtb picture post, this time it was snow riding & at night which was fun! On the side of Arnside Knot.

Mud Mtbing

Last weekend I went out for my usual ride, this time over to farleton knot. All was good, but came across some very muddy patches. I could stand the bike on it’s own in the mud!! This weekend was alot less muddy as we had a night frost and made the ground nice and hard, ...