Dublin & U2

At the end of July we visited Dublin for week and to see U2 play at croke park. I’m not a fan of U2 so this was for Emma as she is a big fan. Lucky we managed to drink a few pints of the black stuff00070before hand and a few more closer to the ground. This made it ok but it did just go on for to long for me and some of the new tracks were poor in my view.

The rest of the time was spent visiting the sites and doing all things you do when you visit a place like Dublin. It’s not a cheap place to visit as a pint would normally set you back 4 to 5 euros and with sterling being weak against the euro it was not cheap to drink that much. It’s a good place to visit and getting out of the city centre is nice and we would like to go back to Eire to see more of the country.

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