The Short Story of the Tomato Plant

It all started when I was given a tomato plant & a pepper plant. The pepper plant did not last very long as a fat slug came and eat the whole plant, that was the end for the pepper plant. Now the tomato plant fared a lot better, but only just as you can tell from the previous posts below. As you can see from the picture I did get some tomatoes from the plant, but only a few and it was too late in the year for them to ripen. The plan was to make a very small batch of green tomato chutney put the tomatoes have started to ripen so been eating them in my daily sandwich.


Not sure what to do with the actual tomato plant, as I do not have a green house and the frost will no doubt kill it. I could move and cover the plant in the garage, but when it gets very cold the garage does freeze up in the inside? I will post some more photos of the plant over on photolog soon

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