A few days In Dorking, Surrey & London

The last post was about Dorking in Surrey, and I have not provided an update since our visit back in March.

We managed to book early so got some cheap train tickets down to Dorking via Manchester and Reading, so that went off ok with out any delays down or up.

  1. First night we headed into Dorking for a few drinks and the first thing that I noticed was that the price of drink/food was no more than up north. I know it was not London, but still excepted the prices to be a bit higher. We than went for a spot of food at the local Indonesian that was very nice but my dish was hot!! phew
  2. The following day we looked around Dorking in the day light, and sampled some more pubs and food. Then we headed to Epsom to meet up with L&G in the evening. We took the bus to Epsom so that we could see some of the countryside and surrounding area, it would have taken just 15 mins on the train!!!. But we got the bus to find the windows covered in mud, it was also a very grey, wet day and to top it off full of school kids! Lucky then we had some beers before to ease the pain of kids
  3. Then came Saturday and we headed into London for the day with L&G again for a walk from Waterloo train station down to Tower Bridge then back a long the other side, this as usual took in the sites and the pubs. For a tourist treat you should visit the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub on fleet street.
  4. Sunday turnout to be a nice sunny day so we headed for Richmond to take a look around as you do LOL
  5. The last day we headed off to Farnham which turned out to be a nice place, but a shame the castle was closed.

Overall a good time was had, and for the life of me I cannot remember the names of the pubs we visited in Dorking but will post once know. Also I have not yet sorted all the pictures yet so thats still to come.

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