The Money-Less Man by Mark Boyle

I was going to be doing all my book reviews on the application that I was planning to build, but that will take sometime to be ready and I would have forgotten what the hell the book was about. So I’ll be posting here in the mean time.

As the book title states it’s about a man who attempts to live without money for twelve months in an effort to show that yes you can and also as an alternative to living in the resource wasteful, greedy, selfish monetary world. Where we are all slaves to debt!. The books starts with the reasons why Mark decides he will live without money and his logic be hide the idea. Also investigations to find out what he needs and how he will do it, but as he has friends in the right places he can get help and advice from them which is very handy. But in general when he takes the plunge he is on his own. The experiment starts somewhere outside of Bristol (England) in November which by all accounts is not the best month to start, but one thing for sure it’s a plunge into the deep end, and from a man whom used to be a former businessman it would be a shock.

The layout is more based on a dairy format as each passing time occurs with updates on issues he encounters & problems on how to over come some of the major huddles that he faces with links to resources that will help a lot. I think that books like this are very important, so we should read them and understand that this is not going back into time, but this is the future as we have to face up to a changing climate, more expensive food, a monetary system that has used all it’s resources and is fighting to stay alive. We have all lost touch with nature & the basic survival skills, we just think about earning money and then buying what we can with out thought to why we need it, the impact on the environment and all the waste that is produced.

He still keeps in touch with the outside world and has a laptop that runs Ubuntu! O the joys of free open source software. Also on that note Mark does highly recommend the use of open source software as part of living without money.

I will not say how he got on or whether he managed to finish the challange but by all accounts he was a happier, more skilled and wiser man than before he started. You can catch up with Mark at his website Freeconomy

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