BenQ G2222HDL 22 Inch Widescreen LED Monitor

After many years of using a small 12inch flat screen monitor I finally decided to update and beat the VAT increase that was coming in the new year & brought a new monitor that will play HD stuff on 1080p. I brought the monitor from Aria as I have used them many times before, the deal was good but I was asked to send them ID to show who I was etc. Stuff that but after giving them a bit of roasting and proving that I had used them before the order was finally released. So I will think twice about using Aria again.

Back to the monitor, it’s a nice 22inch wide screen style with all the usual connection outputs you would except from a monitor these days. Now it’s easy to set-up as with using Ubuntu you just plug in and bang it’s working to the following resolution which is 1920×1080, I really had no need to change any thing in the settings at all. Now my user experience has increased tenfold, it’s great having a browser open & another application without having to flick between them or you just go the full window with what ever you have open. Also I can now enjoy HDef content at 720p & full 1080p. I have tried 720p and it runs very smooth, but the only time I looked at watching a film on 1080p it played about jerky. This may be due to the fact that I have only 2mb of RAM which needs upgrading very soon. Next is a new pair of glasses.

Overall very happy with it, and would buy BENQ in the future.

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