Set up Western Digital 500GB My Book 3.5″ External HDD on Ubuntu

At the same time as purchasing the BENQ monitor I finally got my backup set-up sorted. For a long-time I had been using DVD’s which is a pain & very slow task to perform, so it was time for a external hard drive to automate the task & speed the process up. I went for the Western Digital 500 gb external HDD from Aria as to combine the order with the monitor. It cost around £50 pounds & this also had the space I required as I cannot see myself needing more than 500gb, hopefully not.

The hard drive comes pre-formatted to Fat 32 & some pre-installed software I think that would work for those Apple & Microsoft fan boys, but not for a Linux user. So my first task was to change the file system to Ext 4.

  1. Plug into your PC via USB cable
  2. Erase the current partition going to System-Administration-Disk Utility or by what ever means you like
  3. Re-format the drive to Ext 4
  4. Make the drive writeable. Open up a terminal and cd to the directory where the external drive is, this is usually /media/ then just type sudo chmod –R 777

That’s it your external HDD should now have Ext 4 file system and the drive ready to be used. As this going to be used for back-ups I decided to use déjà dup back up application, very easy to use and set-up. Linux is smooth!!

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