Daemon – Daniel Suarez

It all starts with a suspicious murder at a wealth mansion owed by CEO of a tech company, but this murder was not so straight forward as it seems. More killings take place that suggests a organised plan be hide these killings. but all fingers are pointing to one man, and that man is meant to be dead. Has the Daemon been released?
This book has to be one of my all time favourite reads to date, I could not put this book down and with such a interesting fast moving story line this book does not fail to impress. The only problem I found was which side I wanted to win as it will flip as the story unfolds.

What is a Daemon well it is not a Daemon in the classical mythology or the Demon in religion but is a computer program that runs in the background. All I can say is get the book and then read the follow up book Freedom, which will be reviewed here soon.

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