Stone Spring by Stephen Baxter

The last few books that Stephen Baxter has wrote were all based on humans encountering some sort of climate related problems, as in the Flood & Ark. But the Stone Spring is set in the Mesolithic period when at some point the English channel was not under water but connected to main land Europe. Even thou this book is fiction, they is evidence to suggest that people did live on what now is the English channel sea bed around 8000BC.

The book follows the main tribe that lives near the coast, but other tribes are coming into contact as result of a shifting climate or down to traditional festivals. This creates conflict’s, alliances as the climate starts to change and the need to survive. It’s not the best book I have read and at some point it just seemed to go around in circles, but its worth reading and is a gritty portrait of the Mesolithic era. The squeal is called Bronze Summer (Northland 2)

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