Environment v Economics

With the current collapse of the banking system, bail outs by world governments and the world seemly heading into a deep recession the thought occurs to me “What is being done about the climate.

All the news over the last few months has been about economics and I have not seen the anything about the environment. The worrying thing to me is that with finance’s being tight the governments are going to forget about the environment and just spend money on the economy or should I say paying “Fats Cats” large sums of money.

It has been noted in some areas of the press that we should spend money not on being green or the environment wellbeing but in getting the economy back in shape. This to me this is a very dumb idea, as without a sustainable environment you will have no economy, you need the first “E” before you can have the second “E”. So come on people, come on governments do not be so short sighted and see that the environment must come before anything else, with out it we are dead!!

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