Revolution OS

Finally got around to watching Revolution OS last night


Took the day off from work today to enjoy he early autumn sunshine and headed out for a good solid mtb ride around the local trails. Find a very good single track that was very good, but i did chicken out of the a couple of biggish drop offs!!

Photo Editor for Ubuntu 4

I’m looking for a good photo editor for ubuntu that can do batch re-size of pictures. The gimp is good for one or two pictures but when doing a batch it takes ages. I have been using gThumb but when reducing the size of the picture you loss quality of the picture. Please leave a ...

Camping in Dent

We took off for one night camping trip to Dent this weekend. The weather was nice and sunny and Dent is a very nice little village within the Dent valley. Took a 3 hour walk today down by the river and up into the hills.

Installing Blinds 1

Installing new blinds in the bedroom!! Day One: Could not screw in the screws into the hard wood Day Two: Brought power drill Day Three: Blind up and ready to roll, but one of the pulley strings comes off. Have to re-thread What a nightmare

A Deeply Religious Non-Believer

You can now read the first chapter of Richard Dawkins excellent book The God Delusion for free here. It’s worth reading and get yourself a copy of the book