Spicy Chicken with Spinach 2

I cooked the above last night, and got the receipe from our friends at the weloveit network, so check out Spicy Chicken & Spinach. It was very nice and will be cooking that again.

Back from the Isle of Man

We returned from the IOM last night after a very smooth crossing on the ferry after the roughish ride out. We spent a few days with friends in the IOM and had a good look around and managed to catch a bit if the manx gp. Manx Kippers? well while in Peel we took the ...

Isle of Man

Today we are heading off to the Isle of Man for a couple of days, I hope the ferry crossing is not to rough

Astronomy Picture of the Day 1

Nice daily pictures of space from antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov

We have only 100 months to avoid disaster 1

It has been reported in the Guardian that the earth is about to reach the tipping point where global climate change is irreversible. We have about 100 months left which is not that long, so check out

New Book

Been a while since I brought a new book, but today I have just brought “Dies the Fire” by SM Sterling.