Ark by Stephen Baxter

This is the sequel to his previous book, hard science fiction (another gene) novel called the Flood, which I reviewed below not so long ago. If you have not read the Flood yet, then I would just ignore this as it may give away some of the story line from the Flood. The book flash’s ...

Peak Oil Has Gone

It may be the case that peak oil has gone, what I mean is that we may have actually gone passed peak oil and we are now starting to hit that point where we runout quickly. Well that’s what being said on this article Is ‘Peak Oil’ Behind Us?

Flood by Stephen Baxter

The sea levels are getting higher, the rain keeps falling, but everyone thinks it’s purely down to climate change, this may not be the case as some groups of climate scientists think that a fundamental problem with the earth is creating this.!! It’s based in 2016 with Spain in turmoil & England having another very ...

Kendal Mint Festival 2010

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August Bank Holiday in Shrewsbury

I’m a bit late in posting this by about month & half, but better late than never. We decided that we should go camping over the bank holiday weekend as the tent had not been out all year. The problem being is finding somewhere that is not going to be busy, as that’s always a ...

Drum & Bass Podcast

If you are after a good monthly drum & bass podcast then check out Random Movement for an excellent monthly podcast for a bit of Soulful, Deep, Uplifting Drum & Bass. from an artist whom has released tunes on Fabio‘s Creative Source to name just a few.