Belly Buster Breakfast

Goldman Sachs makes $1 billion profit on food price speculation

Would you think that one of our valuable resources such as food is making banks vast profits at the expense of farmers & end user. Yet these people never see it, only see the money coming in and the money going out. Here are a few articles about this that explain it further ...

Co – operative food buying

If you are fed-up with the supermarkets and basically being dictated to on what you buy, then may be buy as a co – operative could be the answer and the way forward in the future. For one you can control were the food comes from, how it was produced and being able to support ...

Spicy Chicken with Spinach 2

I cooked the above last night, and got the receipe from our friends at the weloveit network, so check out Spicy Chicken & Spinach. It was very nice and will be cooking that again.